Yolanda’s family

2015 Shanghai

Yolanda is a senior student of International Relations in Shanghai and she is going to pursue her masters degree in London. As her hometown is quite far away from Shanghai, she goes back home 3 to 4 times a year. Both of her parents work for the government. WeChat is Yolanda’s favorite way to communicate with her family. She contacts her parents by WeChat every day compared to phoning them twice a week. The family is now used to sharing information in their WeChatchat group, which Yolanda set up.


(Yolanda’s father shared his daily jogging record in the family chat group and Yolanda replied that she was just jogging.)

As the family is apart, Yolanda has encouraged her parents to share their feelings and daily lives on SNS. She sees it as an efficient and worthwhile way to stay connected with each other. However, she would only check-in when she is in somewhere worthy of commemoration.

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