Haruna’s family

2015 Tokyo

Haruna, a 22-year-old undergraduate student, lives alone near her university campus. Her mother and father live together in her hometown in the western part of Japan. Her elder sister is married and has a child. For her, “family” means her mother (57 years old), father (59 years old) and elder sister (28 years old). She uses LINE, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Swarm on a daily basis. Her favorite place to use social media is the sofa in her room.


She uses LINE and Facebook with her mother and elder sister, but not with her father. She often chats with her mother on LINE. A recent topic of discussion was job hunting as Haruna is looking for a job in the tourism industry and she asked her mother for advice.


Her father sends her an email once a month. It’s about money. “His email is like an email newsletter from a company. The message is the same each time: “I transferred money to your account. Take care.” It seems to me that he doesn’t need my reply. ” Haruna rarely contacts her father, however she said, “but my father and I have a good relationship. For me he is always there for me.”

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