Spread of smartphones in Japan

In recent years, smart phones have gained popularity in Japan.

According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Information and Communications Policy (IICP) in 2013, the utilization rate of smartphones was 52.8 percent, which was twenty points up from the previous poll (IICP, 2014). The age group that uses smartphones most frequently was people in twenties (87.9percent), followed by those in their thirties (78.7 percent), teens (63.3 percent), forties (58.8 percent), fifties (32.4percent), and sixties (8.7percent).



Institute for Information and Communications Policy (2014) Heisei 25 nen jouhou tsushin media no riyou jikan to jouhou koudou ni kansuru chousa sokuhou (The results of a survey of the utilization time of telecommunication media and information behavior) (online), http://www.soumu.go.jp/iicp/chousakenkyu/data/research/survey/telecom/2014/h25mediariyou_1sokuhou.pdf(Accessed 30th June 2014)

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