The household vignettes: Singer household

April 2015, Melbourne, by Josh Nettheim

Yana and Nathan (and Ivan)
Yana and Nathan live with their young son Ivan and Yana’s younger brother Jonathan. Yana and Nathan both lead busy working lives in the motoring and hospitality industries respectively, however they use their phones to keep in touch throughout the day and also to coordinate where Ivan is concerned, picking him up from school and such. Yana also works as a freelance designer and owns a laptop that she uses exclusively for her own work. Nathan is a keen gamer and while he keeps many games on his phone he will wherever possible play from a console. Ivan has not yet reached ten, but frequently hijacks Yana’s phone in order to play Angry Birds for hours at a time—when he isn’t building Lego with Nathan or any unsuspecting visitors.

yana1Yana primarily uses her phone to keep in touch with her immediate family but does enjoy “stalking” her friends on Facebook and Instagram—although she herself is very careful about what is shared. Having had issues with genuine stalking before, Yana avoids geotagging except in the company of her friend Alicia, who she describes as her “personal paparazzi”. At home Yana’s phone becomes Ivan’s toy, and instead she migrates to her laptop for freelance work, which mostly involves manually transferring photos of her sketches taken from her phone onto the laptop to be emailed on to clients.
Yana feels that technology is a blessing for those who know how to use it (and a curse for those who don’t) and wishes that she herself were more proficient, something she plans to address when her son is a little older—and her life a little less busy.

Nathan’s primary concern is his family—and gaming—and his phone is used exclusively for those two things. As a chef in an open kitchen, Nathan only uses his phone on breaks as he feels it looks very unprofessional for a chef to be handling his phone while preparing meals. Nathan will go a week at a time without checking Facebook—something he feels is quite normal but is aware that others consider this strange—and opened his account to track down a close relative.
Nathan’s primary engagement with social media is through Yana, and Nathan feels that locative media in particular is largely useless, as he does not care whatsoever where his friends are at any given point. The same cannot be said about his PlayStation.

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