The household vignettes: Turner household

April 2015, Melbourne, by Jolynna Sinanan

BrookBrook is the mother in the Turner family and she works in the city, sitting in front of her desktop and taking phone calls for 8 hours a day. When she gets home, she wants to spend time with her three children and relax. She doesn’t want to have to spend more time on the phone than she has to, although she does like her games, Spider Solitaire and CandyCrush. She has noticed that because of her and her partner’s phone, the few minutes they spend checking or reading links on Facebook and messages all adds up when she would prefer that they were doing something else. Brook is thinking of getting an ‘electronics box’ for the bedroom, where they would put their phones and iPad away an hour before going to bed.

Damien usually arrives home before his partner Brook. He picks up his older two children from after school care at their local primary school and Brook will pick up their three-year-old from kindergarten on her way from work. Damien cooks for the family three nights a week and does the dishes most nights. During this time, he likes to set up his iPad near the sink and catch up on TV shows. He likes that during lulls in the day or evening he can catch up on news stories and opinions on his phone through media apps although he is becoming conscious that his small children are now noticing how much time he spends looking at the phone.

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