Tiffany’s family

2015 Shanghai

Tiffany, a 23-year-old female who is now pursuing her masters degree in Shanghai, comes from a southeastern coastal city of China. Her parents both work in a university in her hometown, one as a teacher and the other as an officer. Tiffany mainly communicates with others via Weibo, WeChat and phone. She prefers using Weibo to communicate with friends and family as her school and work use WeChat for notifications. Tiffany’s parents do not closely follow their daughter’s check-ins on SNS.

Tiffany shares her daily life with her parents mainly via everyday video-chat and WeChat. However, she tends to share her inner thoughts with friends and her mother on Weibo. As Tiffany’s mother is a regular user of Weibo they often interact in this way.


(Tiffany posted the birthday present she purchased for her mom on Weibo and affectionately called her “Sister Rose” and her mother replied with a picture of a rose.)

For this family, the daily use of digital media is a positive experience as it allows them to remain connected with each other.

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