Shizuka, a 21-year-old undergraduate student, lives with her mother (50 years old), father (54 years old) and younger sister (19 years old). For her “family” means her immediate family. She uses LINE, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. LINE is an especially big part of her life. She uses LINE from breakfast to bedtime and even when she takes a bath. She takes her smartphone to the bathroom protected with a towel.

She loves and enjoys conversation with her friends. “On LINE, you can have conversations with different people at the same time. You can’t do that face-to-face.” She doesn’t want to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with her family because she doesn’t want them to see her conversations with her friends. She uses LINE a lot with her family. The topics in the family group are food, their favorite baseball teams, her father’s golf score…etc.

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